• Hydraulic Marine  Crane

    Hydraulic Marine Crane

    The use of its ship and the shore and the ship and the ship between the loading and unloading operations, in the use of the process of the equipment’s own weight is relatively light, and occupies an area of less, the equipment in the process of operation of its use of efficiency is very high, in the process of operation, the operation of the equipment is more flexible and operation of the equipment when the stability performance is good.

    In general, the more extensive application of offshore cranes is the use of marine transport operations, mainly for the operation of the ship’s goods and water operations into the water, as well as recovery and other more important operations, in fact, offshore cranes in shipboard operations than land operations more stringent requirements, which is due to the sea not only to transfer goods, but also according to some special performance to the ship’s sway for control.


  • Relong Telescopic Deck Crane

    Relong Telescopic Deck Crane

    Relong Telescopic Boom Flange Crane offer the power, reach, and dexterity for the marine and Land applications.

    Designed for strength and stability and are typically used to lift heavy loads vertically.

    The most notable of these features include: Extended boom reach with the dexterity for accurate, safe, and efficient material handling.

    With a winch which is permanently affixed to the crane and prepared for immediate lifting, whereas an articulated crane primarily uses a hook on the tip of the boom to lift loads.

  • 5 Ton Hydraulic Marine Deck Crane

    5 Ton Hydraulic Marine Deck Crane

    Max Lifting Capacity     5000 Kg

    Max Lifting Moment     12.5 ton.m

    Recommend Power      18  KW

    Hydraulic System Flow 32  L/Min

    Hydraulic System Pressure 20  MPa

    Oil Tank Capaticy 100  L

    Self Weight 2100  Kg

    Rotation Angle 360°