Submersible slurry pump with high efficient for dredging

The RELONG submersible slurry pump is a high efficient and modular heavy-duty submersible dredge pump unit. This pump range has several dredge tools and connectors to adapt every situation and environment.

Submersible slurry pumps from RELONG are standard hydraulic driven but electric driven is also possible. Also you can use a submersible slurry pump like a booster station on shore. Most of the time you need a booster station for a certain of time and now you can use it also for dredging operations when you don’t need it like a booster station.

The RELONG submersible slurry pump handles a high concentration. It is used under water, powered by excavator or hydraulic power pack. Tools like a cutter head, sand head (water jet), flat barge head, auger head or others can be attached to this compact pump.

The submersible slurry pump range is from 150mm to 450mm. The spare parts are most of the time the same as in the normal dredge pumps. So when you have the same pump for a booster station our dredgers you can switch spare parts.

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High efficiency:
- adjustable impeller offset to the front plate
- double curved impeller blades
- compensation blades outside the impeller and helix delivery pipe output
Hydraulically or electrically driven

Dredge tools possible

- Water jet for sand, gravel and slurry
- Cutter head in sand, gravel, clay and chalk
- Flat head for loose material like sand, gravel, etc.
- Auger head for sand gravel and slurry


- Easy maintenance
- Cost effective for quick action
- Easy to operate
- Flexible
- Compact
- Large spherical passage

Operational Areas

- Sand & Gravel mining
- Cleaning harbors, rivers, dam
- Hopper barges


- Sand & Gravel mining
- Cleaning harbors, rivers, dam
- Hopper barges



We can provide you

- Dredge advice and support
- Training
- After-sales
- Spare parts
- Maintenance
- Automatic dredge drive
- De-watering equipment
- Other dredge equipment & components

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