Robust and Reliable Drag Head for Dredger

As the first point of contact with the soil a drag head is of vital importance to the entire dredging process. Our many years of experience enable us to create the optimal drag head solutions, which are capable of extracting the maximum amount of soil from the bottom within the shortest amount of time and at a minimal cost.

Product Detail

Product Tags


- Robust and reliable
- Optimal production levels
- Easy maintenance


- Erosion
Simple and easy to maintain. Especially suited for maintenance and aggregates dredging.
- Excavation
All-round performer. Suitable for capital as well as maintenance dredging.
- Mighty Dragon
Expert, all-round drag head. Guarantees optimal production levels in silt, sand and even clay.
- Wild Dragon
Specialist drag head. Designed to handle compact fine sand.

Operating principle

The setting of the sight glass is required to ensure the bottom profile can be followed. More or less seawater is allowed into the suction head by using the water flaps. This regulates the vacuum. The hydraulic control system is installed in a manifold block. This is equipped with a watertight housing. High requirements are set because the suction head is dragged over the sea bottom especially in the area of seawater resistance, watertightness and robustness. The active drag head is used on dredgers. Hydrauvision designed and built the control blocks with the watertight housing for the relatively small new drag heads for this project. Hydrauvision also delivered the installation on the drag head including stainless steel pipework and hoses.

technical specifications

product Application

Dredge drag head is used by trailing hopper suction dredger to collect sand from the sea floor.


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