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Relong Technology Co., Ltd.  is located in Qingdao City, Shandong Province. It is a company dedicated to intelligent robots, ship design, water transportation equipment, marine water quality and ecological environment testing, salvage services; industrial automatic control system devices, radar and supporting equipment, communication equipment, which is a high-tech enterprise integrating sales and artificial intelligence software development, including consulting, design, production, installation, and operation management.

Relong provides one-stop customized service according to each client’s different dredging site condition. Professional design, international welders welding work, professional field service and after-sale service are the foundation of Relong brand equipment high quality and high reputation.

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  • Which Winch – Hydraulic or Electric?


    Both electric and hydraulic winches are powerful winch equipment extensively found in construction, mining and marine. Each of them has its particular advantages and disadvantages. When selecting between these two types of winches, consider the differences, which can be very helpful for deciding ...

  • Types Of Pumps And Their Working Principles


    Generally Pumps classification done on the basis of its mechanical configuration and their working principle. Classification of pumps mainly divided into two major categories: .) 1.) Dynamic pumps / Kinetic pumps Dynamic pumps impart velocity and pressure to the fluid as it moves past or through...

  • Make choices between electric winches and hydraulic winches


    When choosing the most suitable marine hydraulic or electric winch, there are several factors to consider, especially the size of the ship, displacement, energy efficiency and other factors. The most commonly used winches are electric or hydraulic winches. Energy efficiency is very important when...

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